Getting Started

At its core, Serge is a command-line tool that can be either run manually on a developer's computer, or automatically (e.g. as a cron job) on a server, to achieve continuous localization integration. After you have it downloaded and installed, you can simply run it by saying `serge` in the command line, which will give you a quick help and a list of available commands.

All localization-related settings need to be described in configuration files. When run against a configuration file, Serge will perform one localization cycle, bring localized resources in sync with their source, generate new ones, and apply all known translations that came from translation files. It will handle synchronization with your version control system, automatically pulling and pushing changes, and will also synchronize with an external translation service.

Serge has a modular architecture and supports many file formats out of the box.

Serge is not only about replacing source text with translated one: it is a powerful text processing pipeline that ensures that the final result of its work can be used in your product without any further post-processing.

Watch the Video

This is a recording of the presentation we did at the IMUG meetup. It gives an overview of Serge, its key features, and gives insights of how you can use it in your team: