Command-Line Interface

The general command syntax is:

serge <command> <configuration-file-or-directory>

When running any Serge command which expects a configuration file, you can actually provide multiple configuration files, or even specify the directory where configuration files with .serge extension are located, and Serge will process all these files.

Example (run push command on my-ios-client.serge and my-mac-client.serge configuration files):

serge push my-ios-client.serge my-mac-client.serge

Example (run sync command on all files with .serge extension in the current directory in their alphabetical order):

serge sync

You can also run Serge against a specified directory:

serge sync /var/serge/data/configs

Sync-related commands can be specified one after another. In the example below we run pull, and then localize command on my-ios-client.serge configuration file:

serge pull localize my-ios-client.serge

List of Available Serge Commands