Integration with External Translation Services

A part of Serge's localization cycle is a two-way synchronization with an external translation service. Serge automatically pulls translation interchange files from external translation service and pushes updated files back.

Support for translation interchange file formats is provided by serializer plugins.

A translation service can potentially be:

  • An external localization vendor that allows uploading and downloading files through their proprietary API
  • A self-hosted or SaaS translation platform that can leverage the use of crowdsourcing (volunteers) or paid translators
  • A simple storage for files shared with external translators (for offline translation)

Such functionality is realized by the means of translation service plugins, which need to know how to send files from a specified directory to an external service and how to get the files back into file system.

Check out the list of translation platforms that you can use with Serge right away.

Note that Serge is very flexible when it comes to configuration. You can send a subset of translation projects to a localization vendor, while using crowdsourcing approach to translate the rest.