Smartcat Synchronization Plugin (Version 2)

Plugin source location: <serge_root>/lib/Serge/Sync/Plugin/TranslationService/

This plugin provides integration with Smartcat, an all-in-one localization platform.

Use this bootstrap localization project to get started with Serge and Smartcat in minutes. Before using this plugin, install the Smartcat command-line tool, smartcat-cli, by running the following command:

cpan Smartcat::App

On push-ts sync step, Serge will upload generated .po files to a specified Smartcat project. Respectively, on pull-ts sync step, Serge will download all new translations from the same Smartcat project into local .po files.



When working with Smartcat, always use the serialize_po serializer for translation interchange files (which is the default one, so you don't have to specify it in your localization jobs).