Master Parser Plugin

Plugin source location: <serge_root>/lib/Serge/Engine/Plugin/

This is a parser for a markup meta-format that can be applied on top of any text file. This format uses <% and %> as start and end markers, and %% as a separator between the string, context, hint, and flag components.

It is recommended that the master files which have this markup applied to get an extra .master extension. Examples: readme.txt.master,, and so on.

Code Examples

This is a plain text file which has some localizable strings in random places. Here we have only string component: <%string%> Here we have string and context specified: <%string%%context%> Here we have string, context and hint (comment) specified: <%string%%context%%hint%> The fourth optional parameter is a comma-separated set of flags <%string%%context%%hint%%pad,70,normalize%> One can skip any optional parameters; here context part is skipped (empty): <%string%%%%hint%>

Supported Flags in Serge

Force enable string normalization (overrides the per-job normalize_strings setting).
Force disable string normalization (overrides the per-job normalize_strings setting).
Pad string to N symbols.