Generic JavaScript Object Parser Plugin

Plugin source location: <serge_root>/lib/Serge/Engine/Plugin/

This plugin is used to parse JavaScript object properties in "key" : "value" format. It is also suitable to parse string maps in Go, since their syntax is very similar. Each key-value pair must be on its own line. If the line ends with a comment, it will be extracted as an additional hint as well. If the string key is identical to the string itself, it will not be used as a hint (since such a hint adds no value).

Note that this parser supports only a subset of syntax and does no validation. It is targeted for arbitrary source code files. If your resource file is rather a well-formed JSON that can be strictly validated, you can use the parse_json_keyvalue plugin instead.

Code Examples

var localizations = { // whitespace before and afer colon is ignored: "key1" : "string 1", "key2": "string 2", "key3":"string 3", // You can add extra comment after a particular line that // will be extracted. Comments have to start with `//`. // Space around `//` is ignored: "key4": "string 4", // additional comment for string 4 "key5": "string 5",//additional comment for string 5 "key6": "string 6", // additional comment for string 6 // single quotes around string literals are supported // for both keys and values: 'key7': 'string 7', // a mix of single and double quotes is allowed: 'key8': "string 8", "key9": 'string 9', // unquoted key names are allowed as well: key10: "string 10" };

Note: multi-line strings (strings with concatenation) are not supported.