Test Language Translation Provider

Plugin source location: <serge_root>/lib/Serge/Engine/Plugin/test_language.pm

Plugin always attaches itself to the following callback phases:

Plugin must be attached through the configuration file to exactly one of the following phases:

This plugin can automatically generate fake (pseudo) translations from source English strings. It provides two sets of transformations: (a) transliteration and (b) string expansion.


Transliteration is done by replacing latin characters with similarly looking Unicode letters with accents. The resulting strings remain readable, though visually more dense than the original English ones. This allows one to test if the application has all strings externalized properly, and whether there are any problems with displaying Unicode symbols. When replacing characters, the plugin tries not to break tags, URLs and various kinds of placeholders. Transliteration is enabled by default, but can be disabled in plugin settings.

Ŧĥĩš ĩš áŋ ēҳáḿṕļē őḟ ţĥē ŕēšũļţĩŋğ "ţŕáŋšļáţĩőŋ".

String Expansion

String Expansion is done by appending a certain amount of 'xxxxxxxxxx' words to the end of the string, depending on the length of the original string. It allows one to these the UI layout against longer strings. For large strings, the expansion ratio is 1.4 (40% extra symbols); for shorter strings this ratio gradually increases to 2.0.

In addition to adding extra symbols, the string gets wrapped with square brackets, which allows one to visually identify if the string is fully visible in the UI, as well as identify places of concatenation. If the source string already uses square brackets (for e.g. some sort of placeholders), parenthesis will be used as start and end markers instead.

[Ŧĥĩš ĩš áŋ ēҳáḿṕļē őḟ ţĥē ŕēšũļţĩŋğ "ţŕáŋšļáţĩőŋ". xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx]