Generate/Update/Delete Files Based on Their Translation Completeness

Plugin source location: <serge_root>/lib/Serge/Engine/Plugin/

Plugin always attaches itself to the following callback phases:

This plugin calculates the translation 'completeness' of a file (ratio of translated strings to the total number of strings in that file) for each language, and, based on its value, provides the following behavior options:

  1. an ability to skip creating a new localized file until its completeness ratio reaches create_threshold level;
  2. an ability to skip updating an already existing localized file until its completeness ratio reaches update_threshold level;
  3. an ability to delete a localized file when its completeness drops below update_threshold level;
  4. send email reports with the summary of the files that reached or dropped below the create_threshold and update_threshold levels.

By default, plugin uses the following settings: create_threshold is set to 1, update_threshold is set to 0, and can_delete is set to NO. This means that a file will never be created unless it is 100% complete; once it has been created, it will always be updated no matter what its current completeness ratio is (even if it drops to zero), and it will never be deleted.

If no email settings are provided, the plugin will skip sending a report.