serge-push - Push project files to source control


serge push [configuration-files] [--echo-commands] [--echo-output]

Where [configuration-files] is a path to a specific .serge file, or a directory to scan .serge files in. You can specify multiple paths as separate command-line parameters. If no paths provided, Serge will look up for .serge files in the current directory.


Based on each configuration file's job section, push changes to source control (e.g. Git or SVN) from the local working directory. Per configuration file settings, there might be several subdirectories mapped to different remote repositories, which will be pushed in one step.

Caution: All unversioned files in the working directory are automatically added to source control, so the working directory should not be the one you are doing any development in.


--message="commit message"

When pushing localized data back to version control, override the commit message with the provided one.


Echo system commands about to be executed (useful for debugging)


Echo commands' output (useful for debugging)


Part of serge suite.