serge-clean-ts - Delete orphaned translation files


serge clean-ts [configuration-files] [--dry-run] [--for-each="do something with '[PATH]'"]

Where [configuration-files] is a path to a specific .serge file, or a directory to scan .serge files in. You can specify multiple paths as separate command-line parameters. If no paths provided, Serge will look up for .serge files in the current directory.


Gather all target translation directories and known file paths from all provided configuration files (assuming that path to these files contains a /%LOCALE%/ folder, otherwise the script will bail out), then delete all unknown (orphaned) files from those target directories.



Just report orphaned translation files, do not delete them.


For each deleted file or deleted empty folder, run the specified command. The command is ran after the deletion. Inside command, use the '[PATH]' placeholder, which will be substituted with the full path to the file or directory. Make sure to surrond [PATH] in quotes according to your shell rules if the paths are likely to contain spaces.


Part of serge suite.